• However, I decided to share my outfit with you guys. With dates it can be difficult to know what to wear so it doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard but you don’t want to be too casual either so it docent look like you’re “not trying”. Finding that balance is key

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    by shimon 30th June 2017

    What am I trying to say? Its an awesome image with an awesome blue door lol. Seriously though, this outfit was inspired from last summer. I remember having a conversation with a friend about pastel colours and using them in a photo-shoot. At the time, I had no pastel colours so for the following weeks I actively sort to buy a “baby blue” (Had to be something blue as its the closest to navy blue in my head) top and I got this one.

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  • While some people have a more natural affinity towards style. In most cases it comes with self-discovery. We all go through experiences that change us and define us. The duration of these changes could affect one’s sense of style. Consciously embrace these changes with an open mind. Just as no two people are the same, everyone’s style is different. On my last post, I likened the essence of style to human nature. If this is true, we as humans are perceptive and having free-will allows us to stumble on to whatever conclusion possible.

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    by shimon 19th June 2017

    Elroy was a young 20 year old in the early 90’s who -inspired by the graffiti phenomenon across the United States and the rest of the world- became the scourge of the Leicester Street Patrol Service (LSPS). He was elusive, mysterious, intelligent and overall, an excellent artist… Okay, okay, maybe that was all lies but looking at the graffiti, it seems like a suitable back-story, no?

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  • In many ways style is synonymous with human nature in the sense that it is multi-faceted, i.e. having many faces. This is a side that we seldom embrace. Take for instance the movie Catch Me If You Can, in this movie Leonardo DiCaprio plays a con artist who impersonated people to defraud banks. And rightly depicts the influence of style and the way people perceive you.

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  • No one was “jingle belling” but everyone was of “good cheer” 😉. Although my pictures don’t show that “good cheer”, I’m very happy, I’m just not the biggest fan of smiling for photos lol. I wore this outfit to a friends dinner at a beautiful restaurant called Middletons Steakhouse and Grill in Leicester. For the event, I was asked to come “smart casual” and for a minute, I was unsure what to wear. The “smart” part makes sense, you know, shirt, turtleneck, blazer, suit, those kind of things. But “casual”? That one had me thinking 💭.

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  • This look is one that I’m going to be flexing with more often, inspired by all the Chinese and Japanese people I follow on Instagram. They are hands down the best dressed people on this planet that’s no exaggeration, they come with all types of jaw dropping styles and flavours that you just have to admire, which is why one day I would love to visit Japan hand have a deeper look into their fashion culture.

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    by brandon 22nd May 2017

    Now onto the socks and sliders combo, a combo I’ve been repping with pride since 2012 and will continue to do so for a very long time. The vans sliders were purchased because I knew not many people from where I’m from would have them and the fact that they’re Vans makes it all that extra bit better because as you should all know by now I’m a huge advocate for Vans so when I saw that they had released slides there was no second thought about buying them, luckily at the time I was working at Schuh so I purchased two different pairs for the price of one with my discount. They have a rubber base that mould to your foot perfectly and a faux leather strap that sits well to the instep of your foot causing absolutely no discomfort.

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